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Single user license of the Softools WinIDE Rabbit development tool package for C development and assembly development. Compatible with all Rabbit 2000/3000 development kits and the Rabbit debug serial port. Includes IDE, integrated editor, source-debugger, flash programmer, Assembler, Linker, C compiler, C libraries, Rabbit specific libraries with source, TCP/IP stack with source, DC2ANSI and other utilities. The complete manuals are provided only online. Software is licensed to a single computer. An Internet connection is required to license tools. This version is supported through 2 forms - a private Yahoo! group monitored by Softools and SHDesigns and reasonable email support from SHDesigns and Softools. Limited phone support is available from SHDesigns.
  RabbitWinIDE (User Supported)
Same as above but this version is user supported - no technical support will be provided.
  FlashIt 2.71
Rabbit flash programming utility for production and/or contract manufacturing to be able to program Rabbit modules without the WinIDE (which isn't licensed for this purpose). FlashIt license is for one site to use to program Rabbit modules. Not compatible with Dynamic C programs.
Single user (i.e. one developer) product license to TurboTask real-time OS for the Rabbit 2000 and 3000. This is a binary, royalty-free license but includes source for system configuration. Includes online manuals only.
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