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Softools WinIDE supports TCP/IP.  The full-featured and robust TCP/IP library shipping with Dynamic C has been ported to ANSI C and is included with the Softools WinIDE Rabbit package.


Support included for the Rabbit 2000 & 3000:

bulletSupport for all 6 Serial ports
bulletInterrupt driven send and receive with user defined buffer sizes.
bulletEvery port is accessible with printf or getc.
bulletBaud rates: 300-maximum supported by clock speed.
bulletNon-standard rates are supported.
bulletXON & XOFF is optionally supported.
bullet7-bit and 8-bit parity is optionally supported.
bulletA substantial code base is shared by 1 to 6 ports.
bulletInterrupt support
bulletInstall ISRs for all devices to support either C- or assembly-written ISRs.

Unhandled interrupts are directed to a built-in handler that can be overridden so a user-supplied handler can be used.

There's more - this page is under construction!

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