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The Softools WinIDE program ties together the project management, the tools and program building, source code editing and full integrated source-level debugging into a nicely integrated robust program. It allows the full range of programs to be developed, from the simple single source assembly or C source to build 500 byte program to programs consisting of dozens of C and assembly sources generating a 500k program. All of the tools options are configurable in dialog boxes. The program is built only as needed (like MAKE does) yet can support the building of multiple programs from a single set of source code. Downloading and debugging of programs is supported as well as programming and running flash programs.


bulletThe Softools WinIDE combines the development tools necessary for assembly and C program development in an easy to use, flexible yet simple program. It's simple enough for a single source file program yet it can also handle dozens of files in different folders to create extensive applications.
bulletFull source debugging is built with breakpoints supported in code editors as well as fixed addresses in assembly code. Assembly, Data, Watch, Register/flag, and I/O windows are supported once connection to the Rabbit on the serial port is complete.
bulletA field programming utility FlashIt is available for your end users to update their Rabbit controlled devices in the field requiring nothing more than a PC, FlashIt and a program file.
bulletIt includes context sensitive on-line help for all program dialogs which include the SASMRabbit assembler, the SCRabbit ANSI C globally optimizing compiler, the SLINK linker and all of the options available for use in these programs. The full user manuals are also on-line as chapter-based help files.
bulletThe WinIDE is a 32-bit application and all programs are Win32 DLL's for fast assembling, compiling and linking. They are built on our 10 years of experience creating fast and stable tools for microprocessors.
bulletIt includes a New Project Wizard to step through setting up a new project. This includes setting source file options, including C startup (can be disabled for assembly programs), defining startup options (battery backed RAM and testing backed up RAM validity), selecting libraries, selecting memory addresses to get the linker locating options in place, and even includes optionally selecting source files to add to an initial project.
bulletBuilt-in editor for program development and quick error and warning lookups from the message window. Error messages stay synchronized in window as files are edited. Contains many features capable for daily editing and program building. Your favorite editor is also supported for most editing tasks.
bulletSupports finding text across all files in a project and optionally in any folders you specify.
bulletMultiple program models are supported. If more than one product or program image is made from the same source files, the WinIDE can assemble and build one or all models with one click. Models can be disabled for building for those that don't need to be refreshed on each build.
bulletCan create output that is linked or combined using SLIB allowing ROM or LIB outputs.
bulletAllows updating source options for one file, all files in project, and for files that will be added to a project. You will be warned if globally changing file options when one or more files have file-specific options set.
bulletHas quick toolbar buttons for updating a build (Build & Make), opening a MAP file, opening a "To Do" file, and other project functions.
bulletFully supports long folder names and long file names.
bulletThe program builder includes auto dependency checks, whereby the compiler will check the OBJ file for all of the dependencies that were used to compile the source code originally.
bulletThe WinIDE supports command line tools which also supports a fully integrated MAKE facility, SASMRabbit assembler, SCRabbit C preprocessor and K&R/Standard C globally optimizing cross-compiler for Win32 compatible systems for the command line tools.
bulletCan capture error window contents into an editor window to be saved as a text file.


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