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TurboTask Message Boxes

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TurboTask Message Boxes
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Message Boxes can be used to support the event flags feature of uC/OS-II.

  Message Boxes
bulletSupports up to 256 message boxes. Each box can hold a non-zero 16-bit encoded message or data.
bulletAllows tasks to read a box optionally suspending the task for a specified delay until the box is written to by another task. An empty or timed-out box returns a message of zero.
bulletExtended functions allow reading and writing values of 0.
bulletAdditional functions allow setting bits, clearing bits, toggling bits, incrementing the value, decrementing the value of a box.
bulletTasks may be suspended waiting for a value in a box to be set, a bit in a box to be set, one of several bits to be set, or simply for a box to be modified.
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