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TurboTask Interrupt Support

TurboTask Interrupt Support
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  TurboTask Interrupt Support
bulletAllows interrupt service routines to be written as usual. Most TurboTask function can safely be accessed in interrupt service routines.
bulletTurboTask does not require notification from an interrupt service routine. These routines can be as fast as possible and in assembly language, if required, without adversely effecting the system.
bulletInterrupt service routines do not require a task to be defined and thus do not require any additional overhead.
bulletInterrupt latency incurred by TurboTask is documented as the number of clocks the processor interrupts are disabled. This latency is as small as possibly while keeping shared memory thread-safe.
bulletA timer interrupt must be provided for real-time delays (for the Rabbit support is included). Timer processing by TurboTask for delay maintenance is minimal, especially when no delays are in effect. There is a provision to allow the timer to be implemented in software so that a system may still multitask and use delays (i.e. a cooperative system). A user supplied time interrupt routine must be used to allow TurboTask to keep the system time in either case. The demo program provides an example of the mechanism for doing this using one of the Z180 programmable timers or the Rabbit periodic timer.
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