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WinIDE Support:
The Softools WinIDE support both the Rabbit 2000 and Rabbit 3000.
Supports TCP/IP
Includes a ported version of Z-World's TCP/IP stack for royalty-free use.  Supports all Z-World Ethernet controllers!  Full ANSI C source code is available to licensed users.
Did you know?
TurboTask for the Rabbit is  available. Use in your product is royalty-free.
Single-, multiple- and unlimited-product licensing is very reasonable!


Rabbit WinIDE - The Rabbit Integrated Development Environment
The #1 choice of professionals for Rabbit development tools.

Includes the best Rabbit optimizing C compiler on the market.
This means 30% less code & programs up to 50% smaller.

Better compilers create smaller and faster programs, making your product better.  Use the WinIDE and make your product better.

Now!!! 2 affordable low-cost licensing options!

Rabbit Integrated Development Environment

In today's marketplace, you need the latest and most innovative tools to keep your competitive edge. All of Softools Standard C compilers combine a top quality product with a reasonable price to make a vital tool more affordable. We offer compilers with more features and better support than packages that are twice as expensive. But don't just take our word for it, try us and see the difference in quality and support. You will be pleasantly surprised.


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